The real difference between North and South

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Some days you walk to your desk, fire up the Mac, shuffle some papers, down your coffee and….. nothing.

Not a thing. Nothing happens. Your brain is somewhere else, your inspiration, ideas and creativity are still lying in bed.

This exact scenario happened this morning.

To get things moving I like to sit down and create something for nothing. No brief. No client. No reason to do it at all except to stimulate ‘something’.

With this in mind I found myself creating a useful set of poster designs for people living in the South, who are visiting, or thinking of moving, to the North.

When I moved to Manchester the single biggest difference came down to what mealtimes are called.

Breakfast / Lunch / Dinner


Breakfast / Dinner / Tea

I could have saved myself years of banter and winding up if only someone had produced 3 helpful posters such as these.

So here you have it.

The real difference between North and South.

You can download the posters by clicking the button below.DOWNLOAD POSTERS (4.8MB)


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